San Experience

The flagship of our cultural offerings is the San Experience at our San Village. We will bring
in a number of San families from the D’Kar community (creating critical employment) to
live in the village and share their culture with the guests. The shortest stay is 24 hours and
includes a wide variety of activities including entertainment dances such as the Gemsbok
and Tsamma Melon dance by day (great fun and good exercise!) and trance dances in
the evening (a very powerful healing experience in this exclusive setting). Also included
is craft making from ostrich egg shells (with the option of buying personalised jewellery),
rope making and trap setting (and the option of setting live traps if the guests prefer),
extensive bush walks to track animals and learn the amazing San knowledge of the Kalahari
gathering food and medicinal plants, and the ancient art of fire making by hand, a major
personal achievement. The stay can be extended to two or more days and can then include
extensive tracking and building your own traditional grass hut. Guests are required to take
up accommodation at the Game Farm, either camping or Lodge, and meals are not included.
The San experience offers exclusivity and total immersion in San culture.

Fire Making

It is a unique experience to witness, first hand, the making of fire using only sticks and
special grasses. This ancient art was the foundation to human success although it is hard
work. For many guests who try their own hand at the art, making their own fire is one of
life’s great memories.

Craft Making

The San ladies construct beautiful jewellery from ostrich egg shells and local products.
They would be delighted to demonstrate their methods to you. The techniques are labour
intensive and require great skill including cutting each bead, drilling the hole, grinding to
a round shape and then threading into elaborate bracelets and necklaces. You could also
commission a crafter to fashion a personalised jewellery item which can then purchase from
her at a very reasonable price.

San History Tour

The San are probably the oldest surviving culture on Earth. Join our guides on a tour to the
San Village where they will give a visual presentation of their history and culture. As hunter
gatherers they have some fascinating cultural insights to share including spirituality, child
care, sharing, story telling, holding community, their minimalist lifestyle and their deep love
of the natural world.

Traditional Dancing

We offer traditional San dancing at the Lodge at night. A variety of dances are demonstrated
and the trance (healing) dance, while not guaranteed, is a definite possibility depending
on the guests level of involvement. The trance dances are the backbone of San culture,
binding the community, and are an exceptional and unique experience. The ladies keep the
rythmn by clapping and singing their polyphonic chant to build the energy, while the healers
(mostly men) dance with their rattles to enter trance and heal the participants. This is a
most memorable experience and very popular among our guests.

Rope Making and Trap Setting

The San trackers use a wild succulent to construct strong and durable rope for making bow
strings and traps for birds. Join the trackers to collect the succulent, work with them to
produce the rope, and then watch a demonstration of setting the ingenious trap. Guests on
our San experience are welcome to set live traps if they desire.


Bush Walks

The San people are renowned for their extraordinary knowledge of the Kalahari for both
plants and animal tracking. Indeed they are known as the greatest trackers on Earth. Join
the trackers and ladies on a leisurely walk into the Kalahari where they will interpret tracks
and gather seasonal food and medicinal plants. Eating food direct from nature in this way is
very special and many foods are truly delicious!

Story Telling

The San culture is an oral culture handed down through the generations. All aspects of their
knowledge are embedded in elaborate stories. Knowledge of animals, moral code and their
belief in God are all transferred through story telling. Join the San in an interpreted story
telling session, very special around a fire at night.

Personalised Itinerary

We are always delighted to go that extra mile to construct your own specialised visit among
our people. We have hosted all manner of groups from Wilderness Guides on solitary vision
quests in the desert to lone adventurers spending days in the Desert with the trackers. We
are proud of our track record of supporting charities, especially those bringing children
on a variety of educational, adventure and rites of passage excursions. A visit to the D’Kar
community to witness firsthand the amazing work of our parent organisation, the Kuru
Development Trust, is easily arranged on your behalf. Indeed we can even arrange a
home share visit in the community if you are prepared for truly minimalist living! We are
passionate about the San and will do what it takes to tailor your journey into our world.